Jurnal#2 – H. Asep H I A
21/05/2019 Jurnal


Asep Habib Idrus Alawi


This article discusses the method of interpreting the Qur’an. After tracking bibliographic sources, it was found that the differences between the commentators of the Qur’an in the use and meaning of the terms manhajand uslub. According to the author, the correct one, the term used for the Interpretation of Tahlili, Ijmali, Maudhu’i and Muqaran is uslub not manhajUslub Tafsir Tahlili, is a systematic system used by an interpreter in interpreting the Koran in accordance with the order of verses and letters in the Mushaf, both in whole or in a number of verses or letters. Then in each verse explained everything related to the verse, for example the meaning of the word, the meaning of stylist, asbab nuzul, the laws contained, and the meaning of the whole verse. Uslub Tafsir Ijmali, is a mathematical commentator who adheres to the arrangement of verses that are grouped. Then, explained the general meaning or the whole verse in accordance with what is desired by the editorial verse. Uslub Tafsir Muqaran is collecting and comparing between the two interpretations of the ulama or more about the verses of the Koran, studying them, and concluding which interpretations are the most powerful. Uslub Tafsir Maudhu’i is a systematic writing of interpretations used by an interpreter by not following the order of verses in the Koran. But by collecting all the verses that speak the same theme, then explain and take legal conclusions.

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